Manually pasting a list of URLs

  1. Select the option 'Paste URLs' in the top menu
  2. In the field below, paste one URLs per line.
  3. Press 'Scrape'

Loading URLs from an existing column

 1. Select the option 'Input column' in the top menu
2. Choose the column containing URLs. Make sure it contains only one URL per cell.
3. Press 'Scrape'



 The reference URL


 Displays the date and time of the most recent attempt to scrape, successful or not. 


  • 200  means that the page was scrapped successfully. 
  • Can't connect  means that no HTML was found at the URL. Either the URL is incorrect, or the webpage is offline.


The entire HTML of the webpage is contained in the cell. It can be filtered, searched and edited using other modules.  

Automatic update and version control

Once data is loaded, you can set the module to automatically check if new data is available and update the workflow. All previously loaded versions will still be accessible. Learn more about data version control.


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