Line charts are the standard charts to visually express trends through time. The reason is that continuity can be established between points in time, and so a line can be drawn to help viewers grasp the direction of the change.

You can add more than one chart per workflow. 

Set the X axis 

  • Select which values you want to display on the horizontal axis
  • Enter a label  to be displayed below the horizontal axis.

Set the Y axis

  • Select at least on column to display its values on the vertical axis. Those values must be numbers. If not, you can convert them by adding a convert to number step before the Line chart.  
  • Enter a label to be displayed on the left of chart.


You can export a PNG or SVG file using the export button at the top right of the chart.

Custom styling with VEGA

Workbench charts are built using VEGA, an awesome visualizing grammar. 

You can access the Vega editor from the download menu. Click the option Open Vega Editor to open the VEGA interface. More info about VEGA here

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