1. Select the columns to clean

The module will act on all values in one or several columns.
2. Set up optional parameters


Set up how to handle spaces in values by selecting one of these options: 

  • Trim around values (default) to remove leading and trailing spaces in each cells

  • Trim before values  to remove leading spaces in each cell

  • Trim after values to remove trailing spaces in each cell

  • Remove all space to remove leading and trailing spaces, as well as any other space within the value. For example  United States   will become UnitedStates.

  • Condense spaces to remove any extra space within the value, and keep 1. For example Great     Britain  will become Great Britain   


Choose the way you want to capitalize values by selecting one of these options:

  • Leave as is (default) to keep the current capitalization

  • Uppercase to make all letters in the cell a capital letter. For example, THIS IS UPPERCASE

  • Lowercase to make all letters in the cell a lowercase letter. For example, this is lowercase .


Use the first menu to choose if you want to keep  or drop any of the following character categories, by checking the corresponding checkbox: 

  • Letters

  • Numbers

  • Punctuation

  • Custom can be used to enter a specific selection of characters. Type in the characters you want to target without any space or separators. For example if you want to act on %  and ^ , type in %^    

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