️️️️DEPRECATED. This module will stop working May 31st, 2019. 

If you're using "Scrape with XPath" in your workflow, please upgrade:

To upgrade to XPath Extractor:

  1. Download a backup of your data - it will be deleted when you upgrade. Select the "Scrape with XPath" step, select Export from the menu, a download it as a CSV. If you need to save other Versions of the data, export them one at a time. 

  2. Copy the URL  and XPath  you currently used in "Scrape with XPath", and save them on your computer. 

  3. Delete "Scrape with XPath".

  4. Add the Step "HTML scraper", and paste in the URL you copied from "Scrape with XPath. Click scrape. 

  5. Add the step "Xpath extractor" and past in the XPath you copied from  "Scrape with Xpath" in XPath selector . Validate the step. 

You're up and running! Learn more about the more about XPath extractor here.   

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